Bathing Woes & Burgers

We moved to Ying and Xiu’s place around Goodge Street, which is a quaint network of secondhand shops, relatively cheap coffee places, and A FROYO SHOP! This makes me very happy, because with Marcus around, it’s like an extended slumber party. Two nights ago, the five of us squeezed into Ying’s room – the one Alan and I are renting right now – and talked and shared Youtube videos and freaked me out by sitting on the bed with their jeans on.

The only problem with their place is that there seems to be an absolute lack of warm, let alone hot, water. I am aware that there is much more to being a soldier of the Singapore Armed Forces than bathing in cold water – but boys, at least I appreciate your sacrifice so much more now. What is normally a 6-minute affair for me has dragged out into a 30-minute saga. Half the time I spend on psyching myself up mentally, and waiting for the icy stream to defrost and have some semblance of warmth. Ying tells me that I need to “wait” and “engage with the shower,” whatever the heck that means. But waiting only leads to disappointment. I have resorted to limbo-dancing when I wash my hair: I bend backwards almost 90-degrees so that the cold water won’t run down my body. If anybody has any safe suggestions on how to shower without freezing my butt off, I’d be glad to hear it.

In other news, Spain won (woohoo estoy emocionada pero no se por que) and Alan & I looped disgraced singer Sun Ho’s Mr Bill video. With gems like “You want me to cook and wash / you want me to scrub and mop,” how can you not? On a more serious note I find the consequences of the charges harsh (life imprisonment??) but at the same time it’s a pity that the church and the religion has to take the brunt of the collateral damage. I don’t want to be cynical, but didn’t anybody see this coming? Especially when TNP splashed that giant spread of Ho’s $28,000-a-month rental home in LA a couple of years ago?

Enough words! Today we had group lunch at Burger & Lobster, a restaurant you apparently have to hit up super early or you’d end up on page four of their waiting list. Well, apart from Marcus and presumably Zix, our group is not a particularly punctual one. We ended up at the restaurant closer to 12.30pm than our earlier assigned time of 11.45am. Lol. Miracle of miracles, we got a seat for 6 without much wait — probably cos Ying and Alan reached a good deal earlier than the rest of us.

The restaurant has no food menu – just an extensive drinks list that Alan’s holding. Food is simple and straightforward: get either the lobster, the burger, or the lobster roll. Each for 20 pounds. If only Singapore had a restaurant that sold either of these at the same standard at S$20.

I got the burger. I mean, it’s half the restaurant name. I can’t not try it, can I? With the conversion rate it works out to about S$40 which would make this one of the most expensive burgers I’ve had, so it could very well be that I was trying to psych it up. But my very first bite into this baby was ridiculous — JUICY JUICY JUICY. It retained its warmth pretty long too for a burger too, which helped prolong my satisfaction because I’m a very slow eater. And the salad and fries were really tasty too!!!!! WHY?? WHY AM I FAILING AT MY NO-CARB DIET???

But as good as the burger was… it couldn’t beat… The Lobster.

Not shown here is the lemon and butter sauce which Alan pretty much ended up dipping everything in, including his half of the burger. And then he proceeded to drizzle it all over his salad. Suffice to say, it was one of the best lobsters we’ve had. Wasn’t flaky, and I mean, as long as you’re not a crab over lobster kind of person, I think you’d be more than satisfied. I personally like texture and robustness in my seafood (I know I sound like a complete dick but I don’t know how else to put it), so it was a very yay experience for me.

And Ying got the lobster roll.

To quote: “GOD I WANT TO MARRY THIS THING.” And, “Should I eat my last bite now, or should I eat everything else then come back to it?”

Happy campers:

And a super ridic photo of Alan & Marcus:

Our trip to Burger & Lobster marked my second burger in a row… The day before Ying brought Alan and me to Meatmarket, which is an even more casual environment. I’m not sure whether we were eating in a slaughterhouse or not cos it sure felt like it, haha.

Ying was really uncomfortable taking this photo. “I really don’t think it’s appropriate for two women to stand under a sign that reads ‘Meatmarket’.”

Unwrapping the “Dead Hippie” burger. This is pretty much the Shake Shack of the UK, but served up in a way more creepy way / place.

Anyway just in case Mom thinks I’m just stuffing my face, Alan and I’ve watched four plays so far: Posh (Laura Wade’s take on the Bullingdon Club in Oxford, which is essentially a society for over-entitled rich kids to smash a room just cos they can), Noises Off (an intensely physical farce which got me in stitches but wanting more), The Drawer Boy, and The Prophet.

The latter two were performed in immensely intimate venues — in Drawer Boy, I literally could have stuck my hand out and touched the actors. I loved it. Part of theatre is to draw you in, make you complicit, isn’t it? If I felt the energy on stage, what about the actors themselves? They must have felt so alive.

Posh is really one of the best plays I’ve seen in a while. I still keep thinking about it even though it’s been about a week since… Even though it’s based on a class I’ll perhaps never enter, in a school environment that’s pretty unlike my own (I still remember getting my Jesus college rejection email), the themes were so real and especially applicable to the rich-vs-everyone-else tension that’s simmering in Singapore. So much food for thought. Anybody in the city should totally catch it, it’d be one of the best 10 pounds you’ll ever spend.

But it’s now 5am and I really ought to sleep — besides class, Alan and I are going to… THE HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR WOOHOOOOOOO.

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