Benedict Cumberbatch and Other People I’ve Met

Look at that smile. I can now cross something off my London List – I’m not kidding, in an attempt to practice the Secret, I wrote in my diary TEN TIMES that I wanted to see Benedict Cumberbatch and have a photograph with him. Maybe I should have been more specific about what kind of photo I wanted but still, I am extremely happy I got the above and…

This (I’m in here! I’m the blurry thing!):
 The Sherlock actor has officially replaced Adam Levine as my celebrity crush. And you know what, he’s an amazing, talented man – just ask the slightly less hormonally influenced boys I went to watch Look Back in Anger with. Shawn is not quite the Cumberbitch I am, but Alan humored me and bought £6 tickets to watch the live reading (and for that I’m grateful :D:D)

Look Back in Anger is a 1956 John Osborne play. The summary from Wikipedia is: a love triangle involving an intelligent and educated but disaffected young man of working class origin (Jimmy Porter), his upper-middle-class, impassive wife (Alison), and her haughty best friend (Helena Charles). Cliff, an amiable Welsh lodger, attempts to keep the peace.

I’ve never watched a reading (they literally read the script, sitting on chairs, no movement/props/costumes) before and didn’t even know companies could make money off such things. Heehee. But it was so amazing. Well, he was so amazing. The other big name that most people would be familiar with is Rebecca Hall (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and she acted in The Winter’s Tale when it came to Singapore!). But Cumberbatch OUTSHONE everybody. Every single scene he was itching to act, he was convincing, and his body would jerk when a stage action called for a slap or something. He made everything so alive!

Okay I realize this fervent admiration gets a little annoying. BUT OMFG. The Tumblr world was going crazy with all these ladies who obviously bought the tickets less so for the play and more for him. Alan felt extremely out of place in the Grand Circle seats where we were: “Omg, I’m one of the very few men here.”

Eager fangirls crowding the exit.

Okay enough fangirling. This week has been good for the soul, meeting a lot of friends from a past life that seems so distant now. K fine, JC was only like 4-5 years ago, but the changes we all have gone through since in uni/army have been huge.

We met up with Claire at Vapiano (food post coming soon!). It was weird in a lovely way because for the first time she is free – but she would obviously be doing cultured things like watching Henry V at the Globe on her own. She also made us cookies because she’s now a domestic goddess. T_T

Headed to Shauna’s ridiculously swanky apartment and met her swimming buddy and Alan’s friend David.

And then a mini-HP gathering of sorts with Claire and lawyer friend Shims. It’s funny how years of not talking, even while we were classmates, can give you the groundwork to just catch up so easily.

Earlier this week, I also made two new friends from Argentina, German and Nicolas.

Alan met German while gallivanting round Lisbon, and Nicolas (A PAPARAZZO IN BUENOS AIRES!) is joining German for the last couple of legs of the latter’s Europe adventure. I was grateful to practice my Spanish, although I must be the verbal equivalent of a stuttering 3-year-old to them…

Nicolas guessed the number of years Alan and I have been together correctly on his first try, so I took the opportunity to ask the guys about their dating lives.

“If we had girlfriends, we wouldn’t be here,” came the reply.

I’ve always envied in some sense the solo adventurers I met in Berlin or Nicaragua, and now German in London and other European cities. Even though I am in the same place as them, I don’t have the complete freedom to truly explore. I am aware that I could travel alone or in smaller groups if I wanted, but in spite of my wanderlust, I still find myself a creature of comfort. Ironically, it’s with Alan that my desire to be the intrepid explorer is realized. Otherwise, I dream of far-off places but don’t really do anything about it. Take Philadelphia for example. In the one month that Alan joined me in Penn I took more SEPTA rides than I had ever have in the last two years.

German’s travelling alone (well until Nicolas joined him anyway) because all his friends are busy or have started work (he just graduated). I’m worried that I’ll be like one of those friends soon, where work and downpayments will eat at me and I’ll no longer feel young and alive.

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