No Peace at Longbourn: Adventures in Brighton

“If one could but go to Brighton!” observed Mrs Bennet. 
“Oh, yes! — if one could but go to Brighton! But papa is so disagreeable.”
“A little sea-bathing would set me up for ever.”
“And my aunt Philips is sure it would do me a great deal of good,” added Kitty.
— Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen

On a whim, three of us headed down to Brighton, the little seatown 45 minutes away from London. We were told, by Xiu, that the place would be an ideal ‘couples retreat’ haha. Nonetheless, the three of us boarded the train and began our little adventure for only £6! (There is a story about how Xiu bought the tickets for the week after, which resulted in some duplication and confusion et cetera, but that’s for another day.)

The weather held up at first (London weather has been shitty in general – intermittent rain, windows of bright hot sun, sudden showers). Love how quaint and tiny the streets look.

We walked around a bit but a lot of the quirky shops were closed as it was a Sunday. Don’t come on that day if you’re only here for a day trip!

I am told my dad was surprisingly enthusiastic about our destination. The Whatsapp chat with my sister goes like this:

Sis: Dad ask what u doing now
Me: We in brighton
Sis: Dad says he loves brighton
Sis: He ask if u gng amusement arcade
Me: Are there amusement parks there?
Me: Ask him for more suggestions
Sis: Dad says there were amusement parks in 1985 

I mega-loled at my Dad’s up-to-date travel info — Daddy if you’re reading this, I love you!

Anyway, we saw the amusement park but we didn’t get on because 1) we had a tremendously filling and yummy lunch at the “best cafe I’ve been to in the world,” according to Xiu, and 2) it started to rain like motherloads shortly after. This is the closest we got to:

About 10 minutes after this photo was taken the skies turned a miserable grey and unloaded its teary burden upon us.

But onwards to brunch. I think brunch has to be my favourite mealtime of the day. It doesn’t guilt you into feeling lazy cos you woke up too damn late for a normal 7/8am kinda breakfast, and motivates you cos you know you got a headstart on lunch. Brunch is like your mom except without all the nagging! BRUNCH IS THE BEST.

Coho Cafe | 3 Ship Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AF

Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon and juicy, herbed tomatoes

Pancake tower + bacon + honey – check out that drop about to fall!

Eggs Royale

My mouth is watering looking and all these pictures again. Haha. Anyway it almost lived up to Xiu’s hyperbolic hype (I try not to think that I’ve eaten the *best food* in the world, because it’s nice to imagine there’s something always better somewhere out there). The staff got two of our orders wrong but took it back without a fuss… Only thing we suspect is that the pancakes + bacon were reused, as Xiu said the last time she had it the bacon was cooked IN the honey and it had that caramelized taste… Aww!

It was still quite a bit of food, even for two girls with hearty appetites and an always-hungry boy. We just walked it off — into quirky shops that sold “posh sudoko” (basically puzzle books with pretty covers), weird egg holders, clocks, funny postcards. You know, the typical ’boutique’ shop… We also walked into this:

That’s Xiu trying to do a sexy wink.

The sex shop sold boobie and penis stress balls, if that’s ever your cup of tea. I tried not to giggle like a schoolgirl.

The town is also home to the Royal Pavilion, which I cannot profess to know much about, mainly because we just did the requisite tourist photostop and nothing more since it cost £10 to go in.

My first impression was that it looked rather Indian-y. And as it turns out, I was semi-right. Straight off its website it says, “For 200 years, John Nash’s extraordinary oriental fantasy, the Royal Pavilion, has been inextricably linked with the identity of Brighton.” The idea is to lure you to go in, but we are struggling students yadda yadda. Not that you need to go in to take the best pictures really.

A pretty picture taken by Alan. He is very proud of his composition / focus.

Lazed in the garden for about 20 minutes before sudden rain came on. Everybody seemed so chill and laidback and carefree. People were feeding pigeons, cuddling, reading, eating chips.

Lazing with my best friend

When the rain stopped, we had another 20 minutes of sunshine to spend at the beach.

My favourite hipster!

Rain came, we sought shelter at a pub to imbibe Koppaberg Strawberry & Lime cider (Rekorderlig anytime, hands down) and watch Andy Murray struggle to win his second set. (I love all the sports exposure I’m getting here, it’s like I finally get what the big freaking deal about the Facebook feed flood is!)

We went to the Pound Store, which I think is like Daiso but better — HOW CAN YOU BUY ORIGINAL SOURCE MINT SOAP FOR JUST S$2?? It’s so ridic I love it. I love Original Source Mint cos it makes all your inner bits tingly – I know, weird, but you just can’t help but feel clean. I think it’s extra important especially when you’re living in a place with the worst showers in a developed nation ever (sorry Ying/Xiu, you know it’s true). If there were an Olympics event for fastest showerer ever I think Singapore should send me. My personal best in the twins’ place is currently 2m 14s.

And of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Brighton without the fish & chips, right?

Bankers Restaurant | 116A Western Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, East Sussexx BN1 2AB

Sadly, the fish itself was super meh — Alan later diagnosed the problem to be the fact that IT WASN’T COD, but some cheap tilapia or something. It also paled in comparison to the fish platter (fried calamari, shrimp + whitebait, the last of which was like a fishier alternative to fries).

Anyway, I made a really shitty video using my camera’s video function, just cos I have seen a whole bunch of my friends do it. I didn’t realize it’d turn out so bad, but since I had already wasted 2GBs of my SD card’s space filming stuff, I thought I might as well turn it into something. Everybody has to start somewhere, right? Haha. Some redeeming value it has: the hilarious children in it!


  • lilian says:

    top points for alan’s photo (like the bokeh of the pavilion) and yours of the amusement park (looks like a painting). zero point for the nagging mum bit. one question – was your personal best time in showering the NET time ie pure showering time? cos if it included taking off and putting on clothes, I work out that you would have showered for a grand total of 10 seconds maybe?

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