The College No-Pictures Post: First Day of the Last Year

Everybody’s dreading the first day of school: “Fuck la, I don’t want to study”, “OMG my house isn’t ready”, and other variations of such complaints. But I’ve been feeling slightly depressed for the last month and well I’m dreading today, when classes start, because, well, this is it. Just like how you can scroll through months on a Google calendar in a short swipe with your fingers, time is going to be that racecar down the F1 track. Just yesterday I was um, for a lack of a better word, musing, and I thought: “Okay next year I’ll make sure I…” And then I realized there will be no next year and I am not ready to give that up yet.

We’ve been breaking our back moving things from all these houses where we stored our things for the summer, but I realize teamwork makes the job a lot easier. I live with four other Singaporeans, three somewhat strong boy-men and an athletic girl, which is good because things get carried faster. Mainly I keep the doors of our old-school lift (it has a 1920s vibe cos you have to pull the cage apart when you want to get it going).

But I have been earning my keep! Alan and I built one of those 5×5 EXPEDIT bookcases from IKEA today (this is actually a hilarious story which I hope to document eventually), and I cleaned a whole bunch of surfaces in our room. I still don’t have a bedframe though, so I’ve taken to sleeping on my giant king-sized mattress which I got from other roommate for $50 (she bought it for $20).

School’s starting in two hours and this must be a terribly boring post but I just wanted to keep my thoughts somewhere for posterity’s sake and I can’t find my diary, so. I do hope we get the house/room in order soon though – concerts and Senior Year stuff abound! (Click the link to check out my bucket list for the year!)

Speaking of things to strike off the checklist, I’m so glad Michelle and I caught the visually breathtaking (I am using this word both figuratively and literally – you have to run in a 6-storey ‘hotel) Sleep No MoreIt’s British immersive theatre company Punchdrunk’s dance-cum-visual-spectacle version of Macbeth and it is the awesomest thing I’ve seen this summer (besides Matilda). Not like my opinion’s the gold standard or anything but hey I AM GOING TO WATCH IT AGAIN.


If my computer programming class doesn’t kill me.


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