Life over the Last Month, for the Last Year

I haven’t been very good at keeping this blog because of School and Stuff, so here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening. More for posterity’s sake than any semblance of thematic/chronological order. Somehow senior year feels like it’s passing more quickly — and honestly, I haven’t really buckled down to work. Every Sunday at 11pm, I’m like, HOW ON EARTH DID WE GET HERE ALREADY DID WE EVEN HAVE A FRIDAY OR SATURDAY.

CIS 110, or “Introduction to Computer Programming”, has been killing me. In short, I have no idea what I’m doing, besides the fact that I can now semi-appreciate websites like these.

I’ve also started Pilates (though I overslept my lesson today grrr $30 down the drain 8.30am on Monday is ridic) with Celine. And ran to the Art Museum for the first time in my life. Not that I’m exercising enough, since I’ve been doing a lot of fine dining, what with various alliterated events that my friends have been hosting, including “Taphouse Thirsty Thursday” and “Fine Food on Friday.”

Just last week I headed to Jamonera with my ex-roomies/girls/I don’t even know what to call this group and a review will be posted on the food blog I share with Michelle!

My current roommates and I also headed to Zahav — BEST HUMMUS + HALOUMI EVER — for our first house-bonding sesh. We put my camera on top of the rented car to take this boyband-ish looking photo heehee I think we’re adorable.

Anyway before the weather got all cold like a frigid spinster (I guess we had a good run, Philly), Alan and I managed to head down to the Midtown Fall Fest — a citywide excuse for outdoor drinking, when it’s normally illegal — and Campus Day.

At the Midtown Fall Fest, the firefighters were making quite a bit of money with “Hit Mitt” and “Barack Attack” dunking stations. There was one guy who just kept dishing out dollar after dollar to attempt to pitch his ball straight into the red zone. At first I thought he really hated the Republican party or something but it turns out he was just heading for whichever line he didn’t have to wait. Yay Independents?

There were also super, super adorable dogs for adoption including this little cutie below. She got a home pretty quickly; when I came back half an hour later, she and a bunch of friends were no longer in the pen. I just hope they got a really good home.

Other Midtown pics (I’m crazily excited to share them cos I bought a new lens for cheap on eBay, after recommendations from photographer guru Stanley)… This mom looks so intense.

We also headed down to The Franklin Institute on College Day — free museum entry! Exploring Philly! Killing many birds with one stone! Honestly I think I’m just bad with science cos I was a little bored, although there are three reasons why you should head down. A) Walk through a giant heart (ventricles! atriums! Sec 4 Biology!), B) IMAX Planetarium, which is a really cool surround screen on which the entire universe is portrayed, and C) a whodunnit station for you to figure out who caused a train to crash, equipped with case files and interviews and props (always wanted to be a spy/detective).

What else… Penn had its own Gangnam Style flash mob.

More than 300 students came down to horse around. The dance is surprisingly easy to learn! But whether you look attractive doing it or not really depends on whether you have the genetic makeup of a skinny bitch or money to afford a good plastic surgeon.

Wai Lumn flew up from Beijing. Along with Lavi, we had Girls’ Night Out at Mercato (huge, juicy Angus Strip + cheese platter + orgasmic molten lava cake).

Of course, I think the most exciting development recently is… Alan’s cooking! I’ll have a post dedicated to his recipes once he perfects them. Basically we’re both on some version of Atkin’s now, so everything’s low-carb. AND CHEAP! Why do we bother going out so much?? We spend no more than $3.50 a meal now. (But then again I’m going to Restaurant Week @ Barbuzzo, so.)

Here’s a picture of the chef to end off this completely random post!

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