New York Comic Con: Of Overweight Batmen + Comic Geeks

I entered a strange new world yesterday. A world where you stick out like a sore thumb if you don’t dress up. And when I say, dress up, I mean hardcore dress-up. This isn’t your let’s-be-a-skanky-Spongebob-Squarepants Halloween costume get-up. This is hardcore. This is New York Comic Con.

(In my head I thought it would be cool to say the above in like a Saturday Night Live announcement voiceover… I don’t think that worked out very well, but whatever.)

Yup, that’s a promo scene right out of AMC’s The Walking Dead smack outside the Javits Convention Center in New York. There’s zombies (just outside the trailer) and even a fake Dale sitting atop it!

WARNING: Super pic-heavy. 

Let me clarify that I didn’t have any real idea why I had taken the 7am bus (which we almost missed) to go to a mightily packed convention (apparently more than 115,000 visitors over the weekend) to see things I didn’t really know stuff about. Like, yeah, I followed a whole bunch of graphic novel series like Sandman, Y the Last Man, 100 Bullets, and a bunch of contained ones like Kingdom Come blah blah blah but 1) I am by no means a hardcore fan and 2) I stopped reading graphic novels by freshman fall. I was, however, in the company of plenty of comic / cosplay / in general geeks. :p

When we stocked up on water and snacks in Duane Reade, Junyu launched into a diatribe about certain types of cosplayers who “only wear green wigs in ponytails.” I knew I was in unknown territory. WHAT WOULD I EXPECT TO SEE AT THE COMIC CON? Besides Andrew Lincoln (who plays Grimes in the Walking Dead) and Chloe Grace Moretz / Julianne Moore (who were there to promote the ‘Carrie’ remake), I didn’t know who was going to be there, and if I’d understand anything. Yeah, I’m good with the Hollywood pop culture stuff. Everything else is a little difficult. Like my Java programming, but that’s another story.

As it turns out, there were many things / characters / people I didn’t know or understand. For example, this. I don’t even… Just many people with the same damn orange horns, like I donno, a cross between My Little Pony and Satan.

Did I mention how everybody seemed to be dressed up? Or, down in some cases. It was cold in New York yesterday, so I have no idea how some people just walked in with just their bras and stockings.

It wasn’t just the girls in skimpy outfits though. There were boys brimming with confidence like this guy on the right…

… and Alan’s personal favourite, the most daring Wonder Woman in the conference:

On that note, NYCC had more than its fair share of, um, how do I put it… “Prosperous-looking” Batmen and Hulks (oh god the droopy nipples of one particular man’s…). But it’s without sarcasm when I say how cool it was to see almost everyone in some sort of fancy dress. Like I said earlier, Alan and I felt like we stuck out like sore thumbs in our civilian attire. Still, it made it easier to approach some otherwise-intimidating characters — we were obviously there to gawk and watch. Alan’s actual favourite of the day, Wasp from the Avengers.

And mine… Spartans from 300. Omg the guy on my left put his arm around me so tight that my shoulder fit perfectly into the crevices of his abs. It was a beautiful feeling.


Since we’re on the topic of attractive cosplayers… Allow me to introduce you to an array (I need to detox from Java terminology) a host of Batman ones, since those, along with Ghostbusters peeps, were in excess.

Hot Catwoman

Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Arkham City Player


Speaking of Batman, we watched exclusive trailers of the animated The Dark Knight Returns part 2. And a hilariously cute Lego animation of the JLA! Alan and I also attended a panel where DC CCO Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee were speaking. We saw a whole bunch of as-yet-unreleased covers and were given the low-down on upcoming issues. I couldn’t catch up with everything — who’s Stargirl? Or Vibe?? — but hey, there’s always blogs if you wanna read more.

What I found most interesting, however, was the line that formed as soon as the panel spiel was over. People ran to the microphone. Like, they dashed for it like Singaporeans sprinted to the nearest MacDonalds for Hello Kitty plush toys. Actually, it reminded me of the time I was at Pre-U Sem, and some minister was there and all these kiasu kids ran to the microphone to ask boliao questions so that their teacher could praise them for being an active participant of society. Unlike that situation, these people asked questions because they give a shit about their characters, they want to know what’s going to happen to Wally West and whoever because they care.

That’s just a fraction of the line. Believe me, these people know their shit. I don’t know how much time one must possibly invest to know every single detail about these superheroes… I studied Pride and Prejudice and A Clockwork Orange for a year and I can’t tell you specific references about Elizabeth or Alex past the standard ones we used in our essays.

I wanted to catch a glimpse of Andrew Lincoln and the rest of the Walking Dead cast in the flesh (hurhur see what I did there) but the theatre where they were having their panel closed… Instead, I met a whole bunch of sad and disgruntled hardcore fans who tried to hear the muffled live video feed. One of them was Princess Merida from Brave!

In the meantime, Aquaman posed for pictures. “Who says I’m useless? I’m good at something” he seemed to say, as his fake fin teased and preened for the camera. JK, it was a really cool costume.

Anyway, not everything’s about DC! There were plenty of Marvel characters, like this tinier-than-expected Iron Man and his Agent Hill.

Alan found a Doc Ock:

Basically, if you can think it, NYCC had it. Zech and the rest found a realistic-looking Engineer (from the movie Prometheus), whose costume was mainly paintwork (and his ridiculously sculpted body). Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this with my own eyes. But there were a whole bunch of zany personas who popped up, some pop culture fixtures, some from animes (that I can’t tell you anything about haha). It was already great when you caught them in character… But when you caught them just doing normal, human stuff, the result could be pretty priceless.

You know a book is really, really big when fictional characters get hooked on Christian Gray and his more-vapid-than-Bella-Swan sex slave. This is Kakashi from Naruto (thanks Gwen!):

I think I loled to death when I saw her:

OH I did meet one real “celebrity”… Zach Weiner from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, which I have been reading obsessively of late. What with all the science-y and philo-related comics in there, I would say it’s educational procrastination.

I still have so many random photos to share but I think this post is too long already… So I’ll end with one of Captain Planet and a dude-who-is-probably-famous-but-I-wouldn’t-know Aang from Avatar (thanks Gwen!). Remember kids, the power is yours!!!

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