Lightning Lima: Our 17-Hour ‘Tour’ of a City

Hola amigos! In the last 24 hours, I officially became a second semester senior, reached the capital of Peru, and left it. We’re currently residing in a kookily named hostel called Bananas, in a small town named Huacachina, where we’ll be buggying and surfing down some sand dunes tomorrow. That’s if we survive the mosquitoes attempting to eat us alive now.


The city evokes memories of several others: the ride from the airport to our hostel and the looming, peeling billboards we passed reminded me of Kuala Lumpur, the main city square with its old Spanish architecture didn’t look too different from Prague’s (though that could my horrible aesthetic sense at work), a roundabout centered around some man on a horse made me think I was in Kampot, Cambodia for a while…


We didn’t do much today, just walked around the city, ate some relatively cheap ceviche (US$7.50 for a huge plate) + churros (60 cents or something) + the country’s national drink pisco sour ($1), pretended to understand what the locals were saying to us… Heh. Actually, one thing I think I didn’t mess up is my decision to stick with studying Spanish. Sure, I won’t be having a proper heart-to-heart talk with someone in Espanol anytime soon… But having taken classes for more than 13 months now… I’m just glad that I didn’t half-ass this thing.


We had a mini-celebrity moment when we went to the Magic Fountains. (It’s a show with dancing jets of water… Not quite the Bellagio Fountain, but still pretty nice to relax by.) Anyhow, on the way in, we hear this ear-piercing group scream and next thing we know, a bunch of 10, 15 tween-girls start running towards us, waving their cameras in our faces. Being the cynical person that I am, I immediately back away, sure that it’s some elaborate scam to steal stuff from our bags. Alan, however, very kindly obliged their photo requests, even if I found it a bit weird. Later I heard from Jo that apparently, they thought he was Psy or something… LOL.


Anyway! I’m blogging all this via my iPad which makes me feel like quite the worldly traveler, but it’s also quite mafan to upload + edit photos like this haha. I’ll try to post every couple of days, but we’ll be hiking on the Lares Trek en route to Machu Picchu starting Christmas Eve. In case I don’t have time to blog again… MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And guess what? We survived the end of the world. Can’t wait for the New Year. (Or maybe I can. I received my official Employment Application form via email yesterday, and my heart stopped still for a moment.) Anyways, adios amigos! 🙂 I’m gonna try to get some shut-eye while I figure out which person it is who’s snoring like some creaky door in a haunted house.


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