Time Flies

Can you believe the first half of 2013 is officially over?

I attended a new church yesterday, where the pastor gave a checkpoint sermon about the future of God (in our lives). Came home and read a blogger’s mid-year resolutions review.

I intentionally made no resolutions this year — for fear of disappointing myself all over again. What a pity, in hindsight!I think it’s good to see where you stand, even if you never seem to be moving.

Big changes — unexpected ones — have happened in my life this year, and more will only come as I enter a completely new phase of my life.

So here’s a mid-2013 list, which I shall examine at the end of the year. Hopefully by leaving this in the public domain I’ll be able to hold myself more accountable. Sigh. One day I hope to be motivated intrinsically.


  • Run 3x a week (this has been on my list forever, but this time I want to keep to it)
  • Sign up and pass my Final Theory Test by Sep/Oct (and get my drivers’ license by next June)
  • Figure out my finances (so they don’t just sit in the bank, as meagre as the sum will be haha)
  • See Singapore with new eyes (and not think that my only affordable entertainment options here are movies)
  • Be grateful for something everything day; refrain from speaking at least one negative thing out loud (so I stop being such a Debbie Downer)
  • Devote weekends to God, Family, Friends, Activities that Create not Destroy
  • Give it my 110% at work

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