To New Beginnings

Dusting the cobwebs off this blog to archive old memories and preserve new ones.

To say that a lot has happened since my last post in January 2015, which I’ve since set to private, would be an understatement. I had my heart broken. I voted and covered the general election, both for the first time. Love found its way into my life again. Lost two incredible people — my granduncle, and then my beloved grandfather, who I can’t help but think of and miss ever so often. Felt despair, dullness, and drive at work — sometimes all three in the same week. Got engaged to the kindest man I know (also a man of eclectic interests, like sports and… birds).


Marcus planned the proposal (and purchased my lovely ring!) amidst his exam prep. It was a lot of work and a true labour of love. He wrote to the Singapore Land Authority  to use the old Nanyang Primary School, where God planted the seeds of a love story that took more than 10 years to bear fruit. I had to solve puzzles — a hat-tip to our love for escape rooms — which I was completely useless at, since I was pretty much in a “OMGHE’SGONNAPROPOSE” fugue state. And he brought some of our closest friends to help and witness this milestone. I guess every girl thinks their proposal is perfect. I’m no exception.


I foresee 2017 to be The Year of Incredible Self-Discipline since I have not been able to stop scrolling on Pinterest and scouring the likes of KiasuBrides and The Wedding Scoop for ideas over the last three weeks. It’s also easy to get swept away by the frills of it all, when the most important part of a wedding is the promise you make to one another, and the prayer for His help through every step of the way. Looking forward to our big party though, and hopefully, I don’t make him tear his hair out in the process 🙂

Photos by our friend, Yanxun.

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