Kicking Off 2018 — Married for Two Months!

As I write this, my husband is lying next to me, already sound asleep. This shouldn’t be a surprise — it’s 1.30pm, about an hour and a half past his usual bedtime. But my being awake at this hour shouldn’t be the norm. Or rather, it hasn’t been the norm since we got married (!!!) two months ago. Sleeping early (or earlier) is now par for the course, among the other monumental changes that come with married life.

The best part about being married is having someone to come home to. It has been a fundamental life change. It’s a lot less dangerous, for one: we no longer have to make the trade-off between sleep and hanging out. We also don’t have to drive home late at night and worry about falling asleep at the wheel.

There’s also a whole elevation to the relationship now. I always knew the vows were important, but I didn’t expect them to have such an immediate transformative effect. I can’t quite put this into words, but it is in his little moments of self-sacrifice (enduring nights with the air-con on even though he gets cold easily, for example) that I see a man taking his promise to love his wife as Christ loved the church seriously.

We’ve also had our fair share of fights in the two months of marriage, more intense than the ones we had about wedding-related decisions. Each of these arguments reveal how painfully flawed we both are. But we always have the choice to escalate the matter and hurt the other, or to die to our pride and meet our spouse’s needs, even if at the moment we don’t think the other deserves it.

But so far, so good. 🙂

The next big thing on our list is renovation. I am also working towards more sustainability and less consumption this. I can’t wait to document both these journeys.

Ending this post with this cute photo of us at our dinner. Here we are drinking cocktails our talented friends concocted just for us 🙂 (Mine was the raspberry highball; his was a very alcoholic version of the Milo Dinosaur.)

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